Diversity And Inclusion


Here at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business, we believe that we will be most successful when we are truly inclusive and embrace and advance diversity. We believe that our Center should not be limited in its ways of thinking or confined to one individual’s or one community’s experiences. We believe it is essential to be exposed to views and cultures other than one’s own and to have one’s opinions and assumptions challenged. We believe that such engagement and thought diversity will help the next generation to solve complex social problems, discover the next breakthrough in research, and create a connected community.

We affirm NDSU’s College of Business commitment to improving the campus climate so that all experience an abiding sense of belonging and broad access to opportunity. We are committed to advancing free expression and idea generation in an inclusive community and cultivating and celebrating diversity, in its multiple dimensions and intersections—including race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, veteran status, physical ability, religion and other forms of identity.