Get Involved!

There is so much more to college than the classes

Why get involved in extracurriculars?

1. It allows you to get better connected to your school: Colleges are full of resources. Being involved helps you find and leverage these resources.
2. It helps you build community: Getting involved can help you make new friends with similar interests.
3. It helps you discover your passions and strengths: It also allows you to discover what you don’t like.
4. It’s a resume builder: It’s never too soon to begin thinking about how to position yourself for future employment. Extra-curricular activities can set you apart from others.
5. Studies show that busier students do better in all areas: More free time does not always equal better grades. Being involved requires some organization and time management – and that’s a good thing.

Problems to Possibilities

Problems to Possibilities (P2P) is a program that challenges students to think differently about entrepreneurship and change-making. Hosted by North Dakota State University Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business, P2P leverages systems-thinking and local networks to drive social, environmental, and economic progress.

Pathway ventures

Students + Startups

Leading students and startups towards success through knowledge, capital, and opportunity.

The student run Ventures Pathway program offers opportunities for any stage student start-ups to pitch for funding to start or grow your business.  If your more interested being on the Venture Capitalist side of the isle, you can put your financial mind to work and add some real-world weight to your resume…join the VP club and help determine which student ventures to support!

Entrepreneurship Club

Our Entrepreneurship club offers students an opportunity to connect socially with other like-minded students. Whether you have just a pinch of curiosity or a full-blown passion for entrepreneurship, you can find like-minded students plus cool events and opportunities at a meeting with the NDSU Entrepreneurship Club.

This club hosts many events, including fireside chats, workshops, and hangouts with local entrepreneurs. Tentative meeting days are Tuesday/Wednesday throughout the school year; location TBD.

Ready to get started?