Alumni Story – Dieumerci Christel
June 8, 2022

Dieumerci’s story is inspiring. He was born in a refugee camp in Tanzania, and luckily at age 13, his family immigrated to America. However, in school in America he experienced a complete disconnection with his education and grew increasingly disengaged and disenchanted with school. That’s what moved him to found Enlightapp. The app was born to help nurture students’ dreams, passions, and aspirations that fade away because no one asked about them. It seeks to create meaningful teacher/student connections and engaging learning opportunities that open minds and touch hearts. As well as enabling teachers and students to live their true purpose. The app is a testament to Dieumerci’s entrepreneurial drive and learner mindset. Today, Dieumerci is down in Austin, Texas working on developing Enlightapp and participating in the TechStars accelerator.

Dieumerci likes to say: “While some never get to realize their dreams because of fear or circumstances, I am living my dream of changing the world every single day. Through Enlightapp and by inspiring others through my story. If I can, everyone can.”