ENTR 496

Love to learn through real-life experience? You lead the way with an ENTR 496 Internship / Practicum.  This course offers you the chance to dig deep into the inner workings of either a start-up or existing organization, or work on your own entrepreneurial venture, with the full support of the Center for Entrepreneurship staff and faculty!

Offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall…ENTR 496 internships can be either paid, or unpaid, and are a collaboration between your preferred local business/organization and you!  Experiences can range from helping explore new markets to developing a new service, product, and/or business, or finding ways to add value to existing organizations.  Each credit of the 4-credit requirement will be met with 80 hours of entrepreneurial work experience. Your employer options are only limited by your interests and their entrepreneurial needs. 


Contact our ENTR 496 Advisor and start looking for your internship opportunity at least one semester before you need the credit.  Once you have an approved opportunity lined up, we will have you register for the ENTR 496 course in Campus Connection.  Please note, we cannot offer institutional credit for work experience that is taken before you are enrolled in ENTR 496. If you think you are going to need an Entrepreneurship internship in the future, start that conversation with our Advisor today.


Planning on getting an Entrepreneurship minor and all fired up to work on your own business idea? Take ENTR 496 and plan an individual practicum to fulfill this 4-credit requirement. 

The practicum option allows us to help you design an individualized course experience and provide any support you need to turn your business ideas into reality.  This option is available in the Fall, Summer, and Spring.  Each course credit is equivalent to roughly 80 hours of independent entrepreneurial experience.  Meet with our ENTR 496 Advisor at least 3 weeks before you register for this class to get your unique course outline in place. Then register in Campus Connection, upload your signed personal course contract into Blackboard,  and get ready to spend a semester earning university credit while you take your idea to the next level!

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