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Social Entrepreneurship Scholars

Every year up to 10 NDSU students are chosen to become The Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business’ Social Entrepreneurship Scholars. These scholars spend a semester working on a social challenge. The program provides them with the opportunity to learn systems-thinking, to research a social problem, to network with community leaders, and to earn a $1000 scholarship.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2022 Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipients!

Nimrah Sohail  |  Aastha Bhandari  |  Rhoda Adewunmi  |  Emily Vieweg  |  Kelby Peterson  |  Christian Kelley  |  Leonela Nelson

Nimesha De Foneseka  |  Omobosinuola Shyllon  |  Hannah Rayel  |  Khalaf Ismail-Abderrezaq


Each year Dr. Onnolee Nordstrom invites up to 8 students into the Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business’ Prestigious Fellowship program. Stay tuned for more information about how to apply.

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Welcome to the Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business! We consider entrepreneurship to be a broad set of actions intended not only to create wealth but also to bring about new states in economic, social, institutional and cultural environments. Here at the Center we are working to inspire the next generation, next research idea, and next community connection. 

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