Alumni Story – Hannah Lange
June 8, 2022

Venture Financing Manager at North Dakota Dept. of Commerce

Hannah was another one of our first students to receive the NDSU Entrepreneurship minor. Her curiosity, love of finance, and passion for entrepreneurship and female empowerment led her to help found Pathway Ventures, a student-run venture capital fund focused on women and minority founders in the midwest. Through this experience, she learned how to fundraise, build a team, and pitch ideas. As a result of these experiences, right out of her undergrad, she was able to secure a great job working with entrepreneurs constructing equity and debt financing packages to fund the growth of their businesses. Now she happily spends her days analyzing businesses from pre-revenue to well-established companies and evaluating their effect on the ND economy.

Hannah is also the driving force behind Fargo’s very successful “She Starts Week”.