The Center for Entrepreneurship offers a variety of entrepreneurial outreach programs to help bring goals to life. Our outreach programs are designed to accelerate new ventures of all kinds by providing emerging entrepreneurs access to the opportunities, community, and critical resources that they need. Our programs inspire the next generation, the next idea, and the next connection in order to shape the future of entrepreneurship across our campus, our region, and the world. Choose from programs offered online and in person, across our undergraduate, graduate, and community programs.

Engaging with the Community

Engagement with the community is a key focus of The Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business. We strive to provide outreach activities that enhance student-business engagement and encourage entrepreneurial actions within the broader community. We also want to further the understanding, growth and development of family-owned businesses in order to support the continued success of the family businesses that make our communities and our state so great.

our connections

We are inspiring connections. The Center provides programs, education, and initiatives that support the great work being done across NDSU and within the local entrepreneurial ecosystem in which the Center is embedded. We are looking to collaborate with every part of the NDSU ecosystem (and beyond). Why? Because entrepreneurship is not solely about business – it is about solving many different kinds of problems. And many of the best solutions result from “collisions” of ideas and people who might not normally interact with one another. Here is a representative (and ever expanding) list of organizations that we’ve worked with:

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Welcome to the Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business! We consider entrepreneurship to be a broad set of actions intended not only to create wealth but also to bring about new states in economic, social, institutional and cultural environments. Here at the Center we are working to inspire the next generation, next research idea, and next community connection. 

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