Student Story – Rachel Burkman 
June 8, 2022

Rachel is a business major and entrepreneurship minor student graduating in 2022. She is a driven, adventurous, and always fun person with a real love for life! Last year she started The Art Syndicate, a network of local artists that collaborate with local businesses to put on events for the community. Along with her partner, NDSU alumni – Edwin Degges, they have put together numerous different events that focus on promoting local art, local business, and community engagement. Their event, The Warehouse Art Show, was held in January of 2021, in collaboration with Vanna Adventure Vans, a local startup, who hosted the event in their warehouse, tucked away in an industrial park. It was a Grunge themed art show complete with laser lights, fog machines, grunge music, beer by Drekker, and pizza by Blackbird. It was a huge success! The following events included two yoga events and two events centered around art, food, drinks, and live music. Each show has had a different theme and energy as we like to plan events that different demographics would enjoy attending.  Check them out on Facebook or follow us on Instagram at @TheArt.Syndicate.