New Early Entry Scholarship
February 12, 2024

The NDSU Center for Entrepreneurship is excited to announce a $400 scholarship opportunity for high school students interested in taking the ENTR 201 early-entry course.

The ENTR 201 course will introduce students to the entrepreneurial process, teach them how to evaluate the market feasibility of new products and business ideas and help them launch an entrepreneurial venture with the support of NDSU’s expert faculty and resources. It will be taught this fall by Dr. Onnolee Nordstrom, Ozbun Chair of Entrepreneurship and Family Business. Nordstrom is an award-winning business school professor and entrepreneurship researcher.

The course satisfies 3 general education credits and counts toward the entrepreneurship certificate or minor. It is an excellent pathway for high school students interested in a degree in business, engineering, agriculture, and the medical field. 

“An entrepreneurial mindset can help no matter what degree you have whether you are in engineering, healthcare, or business. Being able to think through the opportunities, the challenges and how to solve them is a very critical skill no matter what industry you are involved in.” – Ryan Raguse, Founder of Bushel

Additionally, high school students can select from many other early-entry courses through NDSU to get a jump start on degree and general education course requirements. For example, a student could group ENTR 201 with Business Ethics, Intercultural Communication, or Ag Systems Management courses. 

A detailed resource page on the Center’s website has been created to help students, parents and counselors learn more about the requirements and how to apply. The page can be found by clicking here. All high school students are invited to fill out the free NDSU early entry application and scholarship form if they are interested in entrepreneurship and meet the requirements. (links here) The scholarship deadline is July 31, 2024.