Problems to Possibilities Team Leaders Announced
December 12, 2023

Problems to Possibilities (P2P) is a program that challenges students to think differently about entrepreneurship and change-making. Hosted by North Dakota State University Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business, P2P leverages systems-thinking and local networks to drive social, environmental, and economic progress.

Eleven students have been selected as Problems to Possibilities Team Leaders. They include Abbie Brekke, majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology; Alexander Bauer, majoring in economics and finance; Azahna Luschen, majoring in political science; Barbara Augustino, majoring in Human Development and Family Science; Ellia Nora Dalzell, a graduate student in healthcare administration; Kailey Groess, majoring in business administration; Lemlem Asaye, a graduate in civil engineering; Macy Stender, majoring in nursing; Taylor Lee, majoring in public health and nutrition science; and Valentina Asiedu, a graduate in public health.

The students have spent the fall semester attending workshops led by career professionals covering topics like leadership, project management, and systems thinking to gain the skills to direct their team toward developing and pitching a possible solution to a social, environmental, or economic challenge. In the spring semester, these students will gather their team and work with a community partner to research, analyze, and map an issue facing our region. The teams will compete for a chance to win a sponsored trip to a national or international conference. 

Learn more about the Team Leaders and the Problems to Possibilities Program by clicking here.